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LCA简介: LCA具有40多年的历史,是大李庄地区建立较早的华人协会。2013年被批准为501(c)(3)非盈利组织。协会的宗旨是团结李庄及临镇华裔,弘扬中华文化,互相帮助,促进相互交流,参与主流社会活动,在我们华裔受到不公正对待时维护华裔权利。



通过利文斯顿华人协会网站 ( 加入LCA

  • 进入网站主页面,点击右侧的创建新用户 (Create an account) 按钮
  • 选择订阅年计划并点击注册(Sign Up)
  • 填写个人账户信息 (Account Information) 后,点击完成订阅 (Process Subscription)
  •  这里可以直接用PayPal 支付

2,用以上三种付费方式之一一年交$200 and up。

3, 也可以赞助单项活动。赞助费由具体活动和商家的要求来定。


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How to Join Livingston Chinese Association (LCA)

Publish day: March 15th, 2020


Introduction of LCA:

LCA, with a history of more than 40 years, is an early Chinese association established in Livingston. It was approved as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2013. The purpose of the association is to unite the Chinese in Livingston and surrounding areas, promote Chinese culture, help each other, promote mutual understanding and exchanges, participate in mainstream social activities, and safeguard the rights of the Chinese when they are treated unfairly.

You are welcome to join LCA and become a registered member of LCA. Let’s build LCA together!


To join LCA

  • Go to our website and click "Create an account" on the right.
  • Select the subscription plan and click “Sign Up”
  • Filling in your personal account information, click “Process Subscription” to complete registration
  • Join LCA as a member, the membership fee is $20 / year/family
  • You can pay with PayPal on website, simple and fast


To become a sponsor
1, must have a registered business
2, use above method pay $200 or more a year.

3, can also sponsor individual activity. Sponsor fee will be decided by the activity and requirement from sponsor.


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